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"I have really enjoyed my experience living at the Alexan. The building is kept immaculately clean, the community areas are all great, especially the pool and courtyard. The quality of the kitchen appliances, and countertops is one of the best in the area. The building is fairly quiet, I hear a noise from my neighbors above me but that is to be expected in any apartment building. My only challenge with living here is the Internet situation which I have voiced many times to the administration. I don’t like that we are not given an option to opt out of the community Wi-Fi, which does not allow you to plug a hard ethernet cable into your Internet. Many smart home devices do not function properly on this network. Aside from that though my experience here has been great!"
"The amenities are good, but the construction is extremely poor. I can hear every single little thing my neighbors do. Things you would never think you’d hear. The last 2 people I’ve dealt with at the leasing office were actually pretty rude and all I went down there to do was sign the form to move out. It’s definitely not worth the price for all the headaches I’ve gone through with all the nasty, ghetto people that live here."
"We love just about everything in this apartment complex. Our only issue is upstairs neighbors. The stomping is our only problem because the floors are so thin. Also wish they had a car wash area."
"So far it has been a good experience. We enjoy the amenities when we can. Did find cockroaches in the ac vents which is scary and strange. We appreciate the community events as well!"
"Alexan Winter Park, is a great apt complex. The floor plans are really big. The locations is perfect you have restaurants nearby and also groceries stores. The amenities are awesome too. The staff is very friendly and helpful. I do like living here."
"I love all of the amenities especially the beautiful pool area and love how clean they keep the grounds. Someone is always walking around cleaning and making sure things are kept tighty."
"I’ve literally had zero issues. Maintenance is super friendly, the complex is always putting on cute and fun events, the amenities are amazing. I really can’t complain. It’s a beautiful place to live."
"Beautiful community, great amenities, amazing location. I love my apartment with a pool view. I use the gym frequently and work often in the community work space."
"Moving here it has been the best thing can happen. Kyle greet us with so much respect and he follow up with any question we have. He is so professional and make you feel wanted. After we move in we have Brianna and Aaron that help us with everything they are so nice and they have help us with everything. We have never love in a place with the amazing maintenance team. They are the best! We are so happy and want you to recognize all the team to be the best of the best!"
"This is a beautiful and well-appointed community. The pool area makes you feel like you're at a vacation resort. The only reason I am not giving 5-stars is because of parking. I would love it if they added a car wash & vacuum area."
"So far so good! We love the dog area, amenities, and how spacious our apartment is. We have quiet neighbors and are also respectful. It has been great"
"It would be a 5 star rating if the mailroom was organized, I hate the fact that I have to search for about 10 - 15 minutes for my packages. The package room is so filthy and unorganized there are packages thrown absolutely everywhere, if there were a apt 100 -150 row and shelf the would be so much easier and better, that being said until then I give it a 3 and a half star, the office people are great but the package room needs serious help."
"Great community. Great location. I would like to see residents and there guest be held accountable for their actions in regards to destroying and or taking care of the property."
"It’s clean and quiet. The common areas are great to use and well kept. I like the coffee maker in the main room is great and the podcast room is a nice accommodation. 🙂"
"Is the best place to live. Kyle, Aaron and Brianna are the best :) The cleanliness of the building is always perfect. The application process is very simple"
"This is the best apartment I have ever lived in. Always clean, timely service, great amenities and great community events. I would recommend this apartment to everyone I know!"
"The community is great and the staff is super friendly. All the amenities are wonderful although a dedicated space for working/studying will be appreciated during the current situation. Finally the apartment are premium."
"The apartment is still developing and working out its kinks. The amenities are great if you have time to use them. The gym is modern and versatile. The community spaces are great."
"Generally speaking, it is pretty nice to live in this apartment. The apartment provides gym, swimming pool, office thing and even audio compose room."
"Living here has been so nice. The staff is so caring and they are always planning a new event for residents to enjoy! The amenities are wonderful and the location is perfectly tucked away but also super close to all restaurants and shops you could think of!"
"Great finishes and amenities. The guest parking is problematic. It fills up quickly and is rare to find a spot. The leasing staff are wonderful and responsive."
"Everyone has been super nice here. Asides the energy company having some issues has been pretty great. I love all the amenities and I love my new apartment."
"I love this community. Always clean, and everyone is so friendly.the move in process was a breeze, and everything turned out just how I imagined."
"Move in was easy, the community is beautiful, and the leasing office and maintenance teams have been amazing! We toured and signed our lease all while being on the opposite end of the country."
"I think my family and I have had a good experience overall. We have run into problems every few days or so. However, when we submit these issues, they get taken care of almost immediately. Like same day! Great place to live!"
"The maintenance staff are friendly and reliable and fix everything same day. The amenities are wonderful and very clean All the staff are very helpful."
"A++ community and amenities. Highly recommend this place to all my friends and family. Looking forward to enjoying this great apartment complex!"
"Kyle in leasing was great during the application/moving process. I'm really enjoying the building so far (I've been here about a month). The amenities are amazing and probably the best part of the building."
"Love how helpful everyone is! The entire staff is super attentive and responds quickly when I have questions or need help. I love how the garage is easily accessible and there is always plenty of parking, it makes bringing groceries in super easy. The 24/7 gym is a life savor for morning walks, getting some cardio in, or just stretching."
"The entire apt complex including the garage is always clean. We enjoy biking in this area and use the bike room which is also clean, and full. Maybe they will designate another bike room."
"The alexan has Great staff, great amenities, decent pricing. The one down side is we can hear our upstairs neighbors every move. From walking, to dropping items, to the phone vibrating/calls."
"Love it! Awesome employees, super nice, easy to talk too, and they are young and know what’s up! The amenities are amazing. The security is unreal and I feel so safe!"
"So far so good. Great community and wonderful staff! Best decision I ever made in choosing the Alexan as my new home. Everything has been so effortless."
"Moved in at the end of November and so far we are so happy with our decision to live at the Alexan. We love our apartment layout, the staff and other neighbors are so kind, and the location can’t be beat."
"Nice place to live but the staff could be a bit more helpful. The community is always clean and is very safe. There is not too much to complain about."
"I love my Place it safe and just the right amount of calm. The amenities are just like when I travel and stay in the best resorts. This is My home during the weekdays that keeps me close to my clients for work."
"I really love living here! The apartment has all that you could want in your private space and shared spaces. It is a new complex, so everything is top of the line and clean which is amazing. There are a few things that are being worked out, being a new building, but the front office is more than willing to take the time to work out any issues/concerns and are proactive and transparent reaching out to the tenants about anything going on at the apartment complex. It has been a great experience so far!"
"I love living here. It really is like living at a resort . Im so excited for summer and to be out by the pool everyday ! I also love all the other amenities we have . We have a lot of different things to do right here in my own complex ."
"Alexan Winter Park has far exceeded my expectations for an apartment community. Hands down. I sought convenience with my work commute (only 4 minutes) and up to date amenities. They have been second to none. The gem, however, in this community has been the staff that takes pride in their work, from maintenance to the front office. They make living in this wonderful community very easy."
"Great place to live. Awesome amenities. Super clean. I love living here and the staff has been great. Good area and easy access to everything I love to do and eat."
"I love living here! The amenities to the staff makes it almost too amazing, I never want to leave !!! My personal favorite is the fitness center and business center; it’s perfect for getting work done. Thanks for making my home so awesome."
"Great neighbors. Nice front office staff. Very clean and quiet! Amenities are fantastic. The coffee machine rocks. So many cute puppies. Really enjoy living here."
"I love it here. The staff is so attentive. I love all of the events that they have each month. The dog park is the best! We make new friends every time we go!"
"Great place to live, absolutely love everything this place has to offer. From the amenities to the lay out of the apartments everything is perfectly balanced."
"So far, moving into the Alexan has been great. It’s a wonderful combination of modern apartments and high end amenities. It is a well designed, kept, and thought out community. The move in process was simple and the staff is wonderful."
"Great leasing agents and very nice place. I love it so much I want to live here forever. All of my friends love it here too. I can’t get enough of the ammenities"
"I love living here! My apartment is the perfect size and layout for me, the amenities are outstanding, and the neighborhood is beautiful and safe. The office staff is incredibly welcoming and friendly."
"The team here really has your back! We had a long back and forth application processes and Aaron was there for us every step of the way, everyone in the office is always quick to respond to your needs. So refreshing to move into a brand new apartment that we can make our home. No complaints!"
"Beautiful place. I feel like I live at a resort. It’s hard to believe it’s actually really. Everything is new. We have a big gym pool and a nice dog park. We made friends the first day here and the staff has been incredibly helpful"
"Maintenance and office stuff are nice and professional. The common areas are always clean. The apartment are beautiful and all the activities provided to residents are wonderful. I do not like how the walls are so thin and Neigbor can be very annoying when throwing parties pass 12 at night."
"I enjoy living at the Alexan. There are many things about it that I appreciate and like over many other buildings, hence why I chose to live here. I had to give it four stars though because you can tell the construction was done quickly as it is very noisy. You can hear every single thing happening on the other side of the walls, especially from the unit above. My other main issue is the Internet situation. I hate that I’m not able to plug-in my own router to the Internet. My smart home devices consistently do not work, and I’m constantly on the phone with spectrum trying to get things sorted out. Truthfully as much as I enjoy this building, I most likely will not renew my lease as I cannot get past the Internet situation. As we live in a world now where we work from home the Internet is an extremely important amenity, and the situation in this building is far too limiting."
"Everything is beautiful. Staff are super friendly and helpful. Can’t quite say it’s perfect, but it’s close. Minor issues such as the garage parking lines are barely visible in many areas, which leads to residents parking really poorly at angles and on or over the space lines. But that’s just a small inconvenience. Keep up the good work!"
"Love it here, community is always so clean, staff is so helpful and enthusiastic, Very proud to live here, love the gym, my apartment and all the wonderful amenities."
"it’s been great! Especially since new management has taken over. I’ve enjoyed my experience and it’s overall been great! Very happy with how covid procedures have been handled"
"This is a great place to live. Everyone is so professional and nice. They keep the place clean and have monthly events for residents. I love their dog park, it makes my dog so happy!"
"Beautiful,quiet,everything is close by. The amenities are on point. We were looking around many places but this one was the most complete and convenient."
"I am thoroughly enjoying living here. The amenities are great! I like that it has great safety and security with the combination of being in a big complex that has a pool, exercise room, and club room."
"Just moved in and love the quietness and cleanliness already. Brianna was super helpful and patient with my situation and I am so happy the move in process is finally done. I can not complain!!!!"
"It is an absolute joy to live. Beautiful property and friendly staff. The amenities are great and they are always available to residents. Great place."
"We love living at Alexan Winter Park! We tell friends and family we feel like we live in a fancy hotel. From the high-end amenities to the well-manicured landscaping to the dedication to cleanliness the management and maintenance teams uphold, we feel proud of our community. We also love how pet-friendly Alexan Winter Park is! We have made human and dog friends in the dog park and definitely appreciate the easily accessible courtyards and neighborhood location for walks with our pup!"
"Amazing place, we are in love with our apartment, feels we live in a resort. Amenities are great, everyone is nice and great service. Looking forward to this year here!"
"I’m loving living there, love to look outside my balcony and windows and see the beautiful courtyard view. Love the space in my kitchen cabinets, so far so good, haven’t had a chance to enjoy the amenities yet, but can’t wait to do it!"
"Very modern looking and the amenities are great! The staff is very nice and helpful! Maitenance quickly takes care of any problem there may be."
"I enjoy living here! The amenities are great, the apartments are beautiful, and the staff is super helpful when needed. The maintenance team is very kind whenever I encounter them as well!"
"Amenities are great. Walls are paper thin and I can hear everything my neighbors do including going to the bathroom. The gated garage is a joke because there's a very easy way for anyone to enter any level of the garage and steal a car without a fob or the sticker so I'm not really sure what's the point of the gate. The countertop is cheap and not sealed properly so they stain very easily and it's a pain to get the stains out. the countertop and appliances have scratches from installation that no one seemed to bother to check or fix before letting people move in. There were also paint splatters all over the floor, I had to spend several nights peeling paint off the floor. Not all apartments have balconies or even windows that open, which I was not advised of beforehand so the apartment never gets any fresh air. They tell you rent is one price, but after fees and add-ons they force on you the final rent price is $100+ more than what they quote you. Overall, I feel this place overpriced."
"My wife and me just moved (January 23th) and everything was perfect! Excitement to join at Alexan Winter Park community, know people and make new friends; Thanks for accept us here."
"This is lovely place to live, safe, convenient, and lots of amenities (none of which I use, except for parking and storage). And, if you love noise. this is the place for you. The ceilings and floors between units are, in my opinion, made of CDX grade plywood sandwiched on the ceiling side by reject Chinese drywall and on the floor side by a thin sheet of imitation hardwood. This flimsy flooring acts a a drumhead and magnifies sound by 100 fold and if you have neighbors like mine, a nice young couple full of life who cannot make a move without running, jumping or stomping while throwing things, sometimes for as long as 4-6 hours non-stop, then this is the place for you. It is like living in the middle of a rock concert without the beat. Yeeha!"
"Alexan is a great community to live in. Between the amenities and the location this place is great. I have a studio apartment and compared to others I’ve toured this was the biggest and nicest."
"Amazing amenities, friendly staff, aesthetically pleasing and safe area. Wonderful apartment complex and I'd recommend to everyone. The package room area and 24/7 gym is a great plus too!"
"Beautiful Amenities. Everyone is very nice and helpful. Kyle really took care of us and has made our moving in process simple. We can not wait to use all of the amenities."
"Maintenance and facilities staff are always friendly and helpful, however the other staff seem to be "bothered" when asked for help with issues needing resolution."
"Love everything about this apartment! The facilities are awesome and staff is very friendly. I would recommend this apartment to everyone! Good location as well!"
"Alexan Winter Park is in a great location! The building is secure and access to outsiders is limited. Great package room and Amazon hub offer convenience"
"Nice complex and community. The management tries to promote community by putting out events both in person and virtual. Majority of the times hallways are quiet. There are instances when the gates arent working or the external doors don’t lock which could be a safety issue however they do try their best to resolve the issues immediately. They do their best to give notice as well for maintenance issues as well. Really do love it here. Pleased to have found this place"
"Love everything about the community except for the doors slamming in the hall ways and the noise from the residents above and the occasional loud music."
"Amazing apartment complex. The staff is always friendly and enjoyable to talk to. Maintenance is always fast and efficient at fixing any issues you may have. Beautiful complex with so many fun amenities."
"It’s clean and very friendly. The staff is helpful and prompt and always available when I need something. The complex feels safe and it feels like home"
"Moving in was an easy experience! Kyle, Aaron and Briana have been great in helping with everything and are super nice. Love it here at Alexan apts so far!"
"I would definitely recommend The Alexan to anyone who is living in Winter Park or Downtown Orlando. The location is so convenient- you're close to everything! The leasing staff are also so attentive and helpful. They really try to get to know you and your family."
"Everyone was super helpful and made me feel right at home from the first moment I walked into the building. I’m so happy I chose The Alexan as my new home :)"
"I’ve absolutely loved being here since I moved in staff is super friendly anything I need quick responses I never have to wait long for anything truly feels like a community everyone here is super super nice."
"Love my apartment. I’m at peace and not worried about all the maintenance problems I had in all my previous apartments. On top of that, best social activities and the coolest staff members!"
"Best experience I've had at an apartment complex! All the staff, from the leasing office to maintenance are so friendly, down to earth, and willing to provide assistance. The amenities are great, and the apartments are stylish and cozy."
"The walls are extremely thin, and there are issues we have on a daily basis that we shouldn’t have to experience or deal with while paying for a luxury apartment."
"We love living at Alexan!! Even through the pandemic they have made it amazing for their residents!! They always are having covid safe and socially distanced gatherings for us to get out and enjoy our living space!!"
"My experience at Alexan Winter Park has been incredible. Ant time we submit for a work order they always come fix it super fast and are super polite. Also the management is always offering new fun activities for their residents. It truly is a great place to live."
"It’s great I love it here it’s nice quiet and clean, and the staff are amazing. The move in was smooth, and maintenance is super quick and nice"
"I’ve lived here 10 months and have had minor issues. My apartment is SUPER quiet which is #1 on list of credentials when apartment hunting. The janitorial crew is exceptional, as is the maintenance crew- Carlos rocks!!"
"Moved in on the 12/28/2020, and everything went smooth. Clyde help us with the paper work and the move was fast. The Technology was a bit challenging, but it works like a charm. Moving forward to 1/4/2021 maintenance supervisor and his team came to fix a few problems that we noticed in our walk-through. And I am very happy with what they did thank you Alexan. PS Aaron was also awesome in the process of the Apt looking and closing the deal. Couldn't be happier than from where we came from."
"This is the best apartment I have stayed in ever! I see cleaning staff every morning tidying the apartment. We have monthly events which just make life extra exciting, and the apartment staff is so friendly and helpful. Hands down would recommend this place to everyone I know."
"I love the amenities and the location of the community. The staff is friendly and helpful. Apartment is large and open so really happy about that🙂"
"Moving to Florida for school and finding this apartment for living was a good decision. The staff was very friendly and welcoming with the entire process of touring and application forms. This community really makes me feel like I am home. The neighbors here are friendly as well and love to interact with you. I am loving my experience here at Alexan and I am really thankful for the warm welcome from the lovely staff."
"Excelent service happy to be here compared with Moderna in down town Is feel more relaxed at Alexan. More secure and in peace. Questions are answered fast and with results. Thanks Alexan Team"
"The maintenance staff make this a great place to live. Also really good activities and it’s been kept very clean. The office staff are attentive and always wanting to help."
"Amazing staff! Highly recommend for people wanting to live in a great location near everything. Apartments are so hot too!i live the view from the balcony of the courtyard."
"It's been a decent experience so far. Everything is great here but the noise is very problematic. Having that said, the team is trying to find a way to resolve these issues."
"I have been a resident for a little over a month now and enjoying all the amenities, the location, and conveniences of living at Alexan Winter Park. I have already secured Pet Sitting and Dog Walking customers and am loving the perk of being able to extend special rates to my fellow residents and grow my business within the community. Looking forward to an exciting 2021! Thanks Everyone!!!"
"So far my resident experience has been pleasant! The staff is amazing and always seems to help any issues I may have. A few notes to add is not to choose an apartment by the club room. They added a Jenja game that is extremely loud. People also like to make the music as loud as possible and my apartment literally shakes. This is my fault though because I choose one that is close to the club room!"
"The staff is so nice and helpful. There are many comfortable common areas to enjoy. Our favorite is the fire pits, hammock, pool, and grills!"
"Community has been great so far! the staff has been very accommodating and friendly. The amenities are wonderful and originally what sold me!"
"Awesome place. I love living here. Very safe and comfortable being here. I like the 24 fitness accessibility and the lounge is very nice w much to do all the time"
"It's clean and quiet and the Spectrum services are a great deal for the money. The package delivery does require you to search through everyone's packages to find your own. But still on balance thumbs up."
"I recently moved in on 12/19/2020, the process was seamless. The leasing staff was very welcoming and accommodating, and the community is in great shape."
"Generally speaking, it is good to live. Though, internet outage happened so often and false fire alarms were annoying. These are really bad for those who working from home. The community need to take care on that."
"Beautiful place with lots to do at the complex along with a great location! They are always putting on great community events. It’s been a lovely place to live!"
"Quiet & Clean. The Maintenance Team is excellent! Always smiling, extremely helpful! Keeping Everything Clean from the elevators, restrooms, bike room, community areas to even the Garage (all 5 floors)"
"I love living here. The only thing is that the ceilings and floors are a bit thin so you can hear people walking above you. The amenities are awesome. Although, everything operates through technology. You open all the doors with a key fob. Sometimes they are faulty and there have been moments when the parking garage doors won’t open which can make it hard for you to get to work. Other than those things, the community is awesome. The management team is always coming up with cool ideas to get everyone involved and connected."
"Great office and maintenance staff very accommodating! Which makes it easier living here at Alexan. Also the property is well kept and very clean!"
"The only thing I would change is to have the gate go up faster it takes a bit of extra time the needed, other than that it seems very great."
"The Alexan Winter Park is a very low key place where it is close to everything which is convenient. Downtown is 10 minutes away and Historic Winter Park is 5-10 minutes away."
"So far it has been great - the staff, amenities, and location are awesome. Only complaint is the sometimes noticeable thin walls/ceilings, but that may just be luck if the draw of people close to you have loud pets."
"I wish all residents wore masks in the hallways and in the mail area, in addition to the enclosed common rooms, and that the mask requirement was enforced by staff"
"Living at Alexan gives you both an amazing feeling Community and independence. The opportunity to enjoy the common areas that are always clean and beautiful. It is a pleasure to have a guest visit and not actually have to go into your apartment. I always enjoy the doggie park it’s one of my favorite amenities."
"Overall, this is a nice complex. The staff is really nice and accommodating, and amenities are nice. I wish management enforced the mask policy for COVID-19. Too many people don’t wear face masks in common areas, such as hallways, elevators, the gym, club room, and mail room."
"So far so good! Very clean and beautiful property with friendly people. The amenities are top notch. The employee in the leasing office are very helpful!"
"Outstanding staff all around. The leasing agents and managers made the process quick, easy, and fun. The amenities are very well taken care of and clean!"
"Really like it so far! Hope I only like it better in the future. Nothing much to not like about it. Great amenities and it looks beautiful. Hope it only get better from here!"
"Just moved in and it is clean and quiet. Office staff is excellent, they are all very welcoming and helpful! Great amenities. Great experience so far."
"Why are residents not wearing masks around property? It makes the decision to participate in activities a definite NO, when there is such a lack of basic safety. Signs are posted, not read or just not acknowledged."
"The Alexan is the place to live in Orlando. Great location amazing amenities and the staff is always helpful and knowledgeable. If you are looking for a pet friendly environment with great neighbors and fun activities set up by staff and in the winter park area, look no further than the alexan."
"Love the Alexan! Super clean and the staff are so friendly. Very safe area where you can go on walks etc. while remaining close to all the awesome things winter park and orlando have to offer"
"Everyone has been really nice and helpful. There hv been a few discrepancies with my leasing agents calculations on monies due before move in and I now don’t hv access to the online portal to pay my rent. There are a few kinks but I’m sure it’ll be smooth going forward."
"Best place to live, staff is very friendly and always looking to help. The area is nice and clean and very close to a lot of different restaurants and shopping centers"
"Wish the office would take residents complain seriously and make some changes. Overall, it is nice place to live it for young professionals."
"Moving in was such a breeze. Briana was such a sweet person to work with and she was so accommodating and showed me every single unit that I wanted to see without hesitation. She was honest about the pros and cons of each unit. They were prompt and the follow up was quick."
"I really like the layout of the apartments, and the pool is awesome. The community room has a lot of cool things like an art room and open computers. I’m a big fan of the parking garage too."
"So far, so good. Great community to reside in. The apartment is brand new, so you can't beat that. Being the first one ever to live in my apartment is a bonus! The maintenance staff has been very responsive with any issues. I really have been pleased with living in this community."
"Beautiful apartment complex been living there for a few months. Great amenities and a very nice staff. All of the floors plans are absolutely gorgeous and they are always friendly to our furry friend. We love the bark park its bathing station is very convenient"
"My experience has been great so far. There have been at times noisy neighbors who have made excessive noise at night which I can hear from my bedroom through the hallway."
"Clean and beautiful facility. Customer service has been great thus far. I would only comment that I wish there was a recycling bin. But really nothing to complain about here."
"It was been great and easy so far! We have had no issues or problems living here, and highly recommend this complex to anyone searching for a place."
"Great place to live. The staff is awesome and so are the amenities. My only complain is how much I can hear my upstairs neighbors. Other than that, I love it here!"
"Excellent Location and amenities . Love it here so far! The staff is friendly! It’s close to restaurants, stores, etc. I highly recommend Alexan!"
"A beautiful property! Love my apartment and the location. The details and quality are SO much better than the standard. Had I realized the noise from all the dogs, I would have chosen another location. Barking, crying, howling!! Three tenants with dogs off leash in the courtyard in the few days I have been here?! Not sure if they realize, this is not THEIR home!! The gal upstairs must be wearing clogs and moving furniture all day. Very noisy and no consideration. I asked her to turn down her music, so loud my apt was jumping! I think if other tenants were more considerate of others, it would be more comfortable."
"I love living at Alexan! The amenities are fantastic and I love the location! Everyone here is so helpful and kind and maintenance is always super quick to help out!"
"Aaron and Bri are both amazing at what they do. I can’t ask for a better Alexan Team! To add on everyone in the Alexan team are very cool and professional at the same time."
"Beautiful complex, we moved here from Virginia and it’s been nothing but a great experience. Aaron has been very helpful, super nice, and made this stressful time easy for us. He even offered to hold my packages before we moved in. Very modern vibe. Excited to be apart of the community. Beautiful area, amenities are so fun!"
"I love living here. The apartments are beautiful and the layout is super functional. Everything is great including maintenance and all the amenities are a plus!"
"Holistically, I have no complaints. If you like quiet, like I do, this is the place. The walls between the units must be concrete, you hear nothing. I live on the 4th floor, so I can’t speak in regards to the insulation between floors. I’ve had a few maintenance requests, both, with a turnaround time of les s than 3 hours. Good experience so far!:)"
"Living here has been a great experience from the start. The leasing office was great, made the tour a nice experience, and was very responsive. Moving in was an easy and simple process. Since then living here has been really nice with great amenities and living spaces. Really enjoying my time here."
"Our family love this place. Thank you, staff for making our experience better. SmartThings make everything easier. Perfect location. Good elementary school."
"Do something about the noise from upstairs. This is the 5th time I have brought this issue to management. Other people have complained about this pesky problem too."
"Best apartment ever! Great amenities and great staff. Apartments are beautiful and extremely functional. I love living here and would recommend to everyone"
"So far the community has been very inviting and nice. I’ve only been living here a few days and have been enjoying the property. The space is clean and spacious and the residents are kind and also give you your space (social distancing)! Looking forward to meeting the other residents, especially other dog owners! Thank you!"
"Overall a great community with amazing amenities and even better staff. Having that said, noise is a huge issue which I am hoping will get better at some point soon."
"We love our new apartment. The staff is very nice and friendly. Our favorite part of the apartment is the kitchen, specifically the deep sink!"
"I love Alexan Winter Park! The staff is incredibly pleasant and professional. My apartment feels spacious and modern, and the community amenities are unique and better by far than any other apartment community I visited when I was preparing to move."
"It’s been really nice so far, we have had a few hiccups with moving but I believe they will be fixed in a timely manor. I’m excited to try all the amenities that Alexan has to offer."
"Experience had been very pleasant, community staff had been very helpful and always with a smile. Still getting to know my way around and with the most rescent pandemic we had to make some adjustments but very please with the whole experience."