Fresh Sushi at Your Doorstep in Winter Park


Good sushi isn’t just reserved for enjoyment at fine restaurants downtown; you deserve to have amazing Japanese cuisine at home, whether you make it on your own or you pick up from a nearby venue. Thankfully, our luxury apartments at Alexan Winter Park have several high-quality restaurants that offer takeout, so you’re never short on dinner supply.

Umi is a highly-rated Japanese restaurant that focuses on delivering fresh fish, rice, and other staples either to the table or to your door. They’re located only two miles from our luxury apartments, so you can make your order, hop in your car, and drive right to their doors in six minutes. Open for lunch and dinner, there’s something on the menu to satisfy any palette and craving. Start out your meal with one of their tasty appetizers, such as their spicy kimchi or their shrimp tempura. Afterwards, select one of their signature nigiri or sashimi servings, including sake salmon, ika squid, and tamago Japanese omelette. There’s also a great selection of rolls, such as the classic rainbow, the spicy Firefly tuna and jalapeno, and the Mango Tango with tempura and cucumber. Uncertain of what to try? Order their chef’s selections of nigiri or sashimi to surprise yourself with new flavors. Finally, those who aren’t fond of raw fish can still enjoy entrees such as ramen, grilled wagyu steak, and Hamachi kama yellowtail fish.

Grab your chopsticks and enjoy mouthwatering sushi at home at Alexan Winter Park. Book a virtual tour of our Winter Park luxury apartments and order from Umi for your next food craving.